Black Bean Nacho Toast

Time to make: 4 mins

I always have a craving for Mexican 😈 and black beans are one of my favourite sources of protein. They’re delicious, filling, and super nutritious.

2 slices of artisan whole wheat bread
1 handful of Daiya Mozza style shreds
2 handfuls of black beans
1 big plop of salsa
1 stalk of green onion
1/2 an avocado
splash of your favourite hot sauce



I like to keep a stock of frozen black beans on hand, that I’ve cooked from dried bean myself. There is often added sodium in canned beans, and I believe the ones you cook yourself are better tasting and more nutritious.

So grab two handfuls of frozen or drained canned black beans and throw them in a microwaveable glass bowl with a handful of Daiya Mozza style shreds and a big plop of your favourite salsa (PC Smoky Chipotle is currently my fav) and microwave for about two minutes, stirring halfway.

Pop two slices of your favourite whole wheat bread into the toaster and then chop the green onion and peel and slice half an avocado.  Take your hot bean mixture, mash it all together with a fork, and scoop onto your toast. Top with green onion and avocado slices and a splash of hot sauce (my current favourite is Valentina) and you’re done!